Which U.S. state’s motto is “Forward”?

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Which U.S. state’s motto is “Forward”?

Answer – Wisconsin – Wisconsin believes it’s leading the way to a better tomorrow, which is represented in the state’s official motto, “Forward.” The state adopted the motto in 1851 and has incorporated it into its seal and coat of arms. Legend has it that the governor at the time, Nelson Dewey, and University of Wisconsin Chancellor John Lathrop developed the new state seal. While he was in New York City to have Lathrop’s draft cast in metal, Dewey had a chance meeting with Edward Ryan, who later became the Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice. The pair sat down on the steps of Wall Street bank to redesign the seal. It was during this redesign that the pair chose the new state motto, “Forward,” as opposed to what Lathrop had proposed, “Excelsior.”:


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