Where is this medieval bridge?

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Where is this medieval bridge?

Answer – France – In the quiet village of Cahors, France, you’ll find this beautiful bridge known as Pont Valentré. The bridge was originally built as a military fortress in the 14th century, with three towers to defend the area from invaders. While the bridge took 70 years to build, it never entered the line of fire and has miraculously survived in great condition. There is an interesting legend surrounding the bridge. The original builder made a deal with the Devil to have it completed without giving up his soul. As a result of the faulty contract, the Devil sought revenge by removing a stone at the corner of the tower, no matter how many times it’s replaced. When the bridge was restored in the 19th century, the architect at the helm of the project paid tribute to the legend by incorporating a stone statue of a devil removing a stone from the corner of the tower.:


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